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For Employers

High-quality preschool programs result in a better educated, more stable workforce and safe, vibrant communities. Federal Reserve economists found that investing in early education yields a far greater return than other kinds of “economic development,” investments. Business leaders’ voices are essential to make lasting change in our society.
Join ABPPC in advocating for more investment in preschool so parents can go to work with confidence and children can develop the “soft skills” that lead to long-term success. You could . . .
  • Join ABPPC or a workgroup so employers' interests are represented in planning
  • Take part in upcoming “community advisory conversations” as ABPPC’s preschool planning work evolves
  • Learn about advocating for and directly supporting early education

Share your story!

Personal stories from employers about the value of reliable care for their workers are incredibly important! These stories help community leaders see early education's impact on ALL aspects of society.

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