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For Educators

Early childhood classroom teachers are the heart of any education program. They nurture children’s spirits and expand their worlds. They hold kids' hands until they are ready to stand and run and explore on their own.
ABPPC advocates for teachers—for increased salaries and benefits, for planning time and professional supports in and outside of the classroom. We know that teachers can’t be fully present for their students when they are worried about their own basic needs.
Join us in designing systems that work for teachers and honor their incredibly important role in children’s growth! You could . . .
  • Join ABPPC or a workgroup so teachers are part of shaping preschool changes
  • Take part in “teacher advisory conversations” to review plans and provide feedback
  • Learn about advocating for local and state investments in early education professionals

Share your story!

Personal stories from teachers about the JOYS and CHALLENGES of this essential job are incredibly important! These stories point to where the system is working and where it needs to change.

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