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For Families

High-quality preschool programs provide peace-of-mind for working adults, help identify and address early developmental issues, build confidence and independence in children, and deepen parenting skills.
Families’ experiences finding and interacting with local preschool programs should be at the center of every decision made. Families who have had less access to preschool—because of cost, racial discrimination, language barriers, etc., are especially important partners in designing programs that lift all families up.
ABPPC needs you to help design a system that puts families first! You could . . .
  • Join ABPPC or a workgroup so family experience is part of every planning session
  • Take part in “community advisory conversations” to review draft ideas and provide feedback as planning evolves
  • Learn about advocating for local and state investments in early education, so your voice moves change

Share your story!

Personal stories of what has HELPED families and what has CHALLENGED families when looking for quality preschool are incredibly important! These stories point to where the system is working and where it needs to change.

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