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Work Groups

We’re pulling in participants from all parts of the community to look at what it takes to create a voluntary system that’s aligned and focused on high-quality preschool for all kids. Workgroups include individuals with particular issue area expertise or interest who can help advise the Planning Team on specific elements and strategic direction that will be in the final plan. 
Anyone who has an interest in or knowledge to share about a workgroup topic is welcome to take part. We are especially interested in those who have expertise or knowledge on a specific workgroup topic. If you are interested in serving on a workgroup, we'd love to have you! Please contact the workgroup chair. 
Workforce/Profesional Development

This workgroup focuses on ways to attract and retain preschool teachers who deliver high-quality programs. 

Terry Bellamy (AVL Housing Authority) & Stacey Bailey (BPFC), Co-Chairs

Nathan Ramsey (Mt Area Workforce Dev Board)

Stevie Alverson (BPFC)

Jennifer Bosworth (A-B Tech)

Mary Summers (CAO)

Natalia Rabin (Mission)

Shelley White (AB Tech)

Meg Hanshaw (i.b.mee)

Anya Robyak (BPFC)

Chris Tucker (Verner)

Caitlyn Johnson (BCS)

Quality Model Design

This workgroup is defining standards for quality and the ways in which we can accurately and fairly evaluate for quality.

Dawn Meskil (Asheville City Preschool) & Stacey Bailey, Co-Chairs

Laura Martin (Verner)

Jennifer Bosworth (AB Tech)

Ginny Barrett (BCS)

Betsey Stockslager (AMOS)

Jenny Vial (BPFC)

Laura Jane Howald (CAO)

Alesia Summery (YWCA)

Wanda Harris (YWCA)

Corrie Hill Price (i.b.mee)

Sustainable Funding 

This workgroup is creating a strategy for sustainable long-term funding to implement a county-wide plan for accessible preschool. 

Caroline Rodier (BPFC), Chair

Brian Repass (CAO, Head Start)

Tracey McCrain (Eliada)

John DeWitt (Children & Friends Enrichment Center)

Victoria Robertson (Montessori Learning Center)

Matt Stradley (N Asheville Preschool at Asbury United Methodist)

Donna Toole (First Presbyterian Child Care Center)

Jane Hatley (Self-Help Credit Union)

Cindy Moody (SWCDC)

Rachel Nygaard (Buncombe County)

Jacque Penick (Verner)


This workgroup reviews existing data and sources additional data that workgroups need to fully understand challenges and opportunities, and make smart recommendations. 

Rachael Nygaard, Chair

Greg Borom (CF/CIS)

Jenny Vial (BPFC)

Beth Maczka (YWCA)

Amy Barry (BPFC)

Lisa Forehand (Community volunteer)


This workgroup is creating clear messages and a plan for ongoing communication with our community.

Betsey Russell, Chair

Marta Alcala-Williams (ACS)

Matt Buys (AVL Board of Education)

Amy Barry (BPFC)

Suzanne Metcalf (BPFC)

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